Working hard. Having fun. Preparing to change the world.

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Take control of your learning

Work hard

Work hard

Work on difficult real world Quests. Learn to calculate, write and think more deeply.

Have fun

Have fun

Surrounded by friends who will support and challenge you.

Find a calling

Find a calling

Through exploring gifts, passions and apprenticeships so you can change the world.

Show the world what you can do

Audition to join an extraordinary team.

Discover your gifts and passions and use them to find a calling.

Take control of your life, so you’ll never again be trapped in an ordinary place.

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Why Audition for Talent Unbound?

Why audition
  • Each individual at Talent Unbound matters so we want to know WHO YOU ARE.

  • Because we only have a few spots, reserved for extraordinary people. We need to know what you’re made of and that you’ll never give up.

  • Most schools solicit applications; we’re a learning community that only accepts commitments from people who believe they are going to change the world. You have to prove yourself if you want a starring role in life.

Are you willing to take control of your education, work hard, and challenge yourself?

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Get Inspired

Jeff sxsw

Jeff Sandefer

Co-Founder of Acton Academy.

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Sal Khan

Founder of Khan Academy visiting Acton Academy.

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Sugata Mitra

Founder of School In The Cloud visiting Acton Academy.

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Your audition: 3 Simple Steps


Step 1

Take a short quiz.


Step 2

Complete your research and begin work on your formal entry.


Step 3

Complete your entry, including submitting a two minute video.

If you're willing to
take control of your education,
work hard and challenge yourself

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